The actual much ballyhooed "PreSeason" system is here
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The actual much ballyhooed "PreSeason" system is here. In a twist/surprise, another concurrent/complimentary one is here too. "Treasure Hunt", in honor of Worldwide Talk Like A Pirate Time this coming Tuesday, September nineteen, brings a new look to FIFA Mobile's global map, and will be offering plenty of daily/weekly plans to assist your progress in Pre-season.


It seems complicated on paper, but you may be wondering what we've been able to digest through the plans is it's a great deal like Summer Celebration. You utilize tokens -- in this case, bits of a map -- in order to unlock various Live Occasions, which the early indications tend to be are quite lucrative. After you uncover all of them, you can trade in most Golden Treasures to receive the pre-season rank up symbol, 10 Doubloons, plus a "Now and Later" Elite Cherish chest. The latter provides you with something in both the current and then seasons of FIFA.


Probably the most exciting part of the new plan is all the new Live Activities. If you enjoyed the Soccer Freeze or Carniball much more themed ones that required actual football and joined them with the impossible, you will definitely dig the more pirate-influenced events rolled out during the course of the following five weeks. Stay tuned with regard to plenty of engaging fifa 18 coins offerings such as kicking a cannon golf ball at a pirate ship, attempting to score goals in the face of mind winds, and even dodging any shark in the week forward. The tokens you generate will help your end objectives in Preseason as well.


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