The seminar that Electronic Arts will probably hold close to E3
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We have a lot of interest in a photo posted by Polish YouTuber Oskar “Junajted” Siwiec, who was just lately invited to a presentation nowadays for FIFA 18 that has been held at the Allianz Market, home of Bayern Munich. During the event in question, Oksar took a publicity photograph of a billboard that exhibits the logos of FIFA 18 and PlayStation several Pro, instead of the Xbox, because it happened in the last few years.


Can it mean that Sony can therefore be the new lover of Electronic Arts about the FIFA series? Perhaps we shall know more at this E3 2017 in Los Angeles, FIFA 18 will be officially presented through the event of EA Enjoy, scheduled for June 15 to 12. Obviously it is straightforward and rumors, and surely below know more during the course of the next weeks.


In another news, as you may recollect, FIFA 18 will arrive about Nintendo Switch, although seemingly it will not be called merely FIFA 18. The Swap version of the game will probably be in fact called as EA Sports FIFA and will have got something that is not yet particular with what we will find with versions of PC, PS4 and Xbox One. We will know definitely more during EA Play, the seminar that Electronic Arts will probably hold close to buy fifa 18 coins E3, that may thus make reference to its notices of FIFA 18 and also EA Sports FIFA, since two separate entities.


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