Mousesports also won three models
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Mousesports started on the T area and won the gun for the first time in the match in addition to opened a 0-3. Mousesports extended their lead simply by winning another two coup to make it 0-5. FaZe ultimately got a round together with Karrigan winning a 1-v-1 and they kept going through the next six rounds converting the score around to offer themselves the advantege with a 7-5 scoreline, but Mousesports had not been done on this half and they also took the last three units ending it with a 7-8 in their favor.


This time FaZe responded back and won the particular pistol on their T edge and tied the game, yet Mousesports won the push buy the following round as well as extended they lead to any 8-9. Faze won about three round in a row to deliver the score back in their particular favor 11-10. Winning anonther clutch with ChrisJ, Mousesports also won Cheap CSGO Skins three models, to make it 11-13 and braking mechanism FaZe's economy.


FaZe were required to force buy and they gained one the best rounds inside the entire game, it could have been put either way but ended up favoring FaZe and helped these get to a 14-13 scoreline in their favor. From this level on, each team had taken one round, starting with Mousesports making it 14-14, Faze having the match point 15-14 and also Mousesports taking it to be able to overtime 15-15.


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