FIFA 18 plays a fantastic video game of football
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In case there's one addition which sums up FIFA 18 this year, it's quick subs. This brilliant new mechanic enables you to press one button to deliver a possible substitution, then push another to confirm. Then the replacement happens. There's no going into FIFA's laggy, time-consuming menus, with no need cheap fifa 18 coins to stop play anymore than needed. Quick subs is as welcome an inclusion as quick throw-ins once they were introduced a few years back.


This is the thing about FIFA 18 - all the numerous tweaks and changes tend to be successful and combine to create for a really fun game play experience. But fans will not sing songs about one. Pundits won't wax musical about the new crosses. Social networking won't blow up at the brand new crowds. And the back webpages won't scream headlines regarding Hunter's new hairdo. Getting pumped tens of hours in to FIFA 18, I question how much "innovation", as APP Sports' producers would contact it, is left for your designers to add outside of fresh game modes. I shuttle on whether this is a unpleasant thought or not.


If you're anything at all like me, though, you may a lot out of this hyper washed up version of FIFA 17. Like Spurs, FIFA 18 plays a fantastic video game of football. But such as Spurs, FIFA 18 probably will not win any trophies.


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