The initial half of the chart saw reciprocating motion between teams
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A good entertaining match-up on de_Train between two of the finest CSGO teams. The initial half of the chart saw reciprocating motion between teams, where neither could really run away with a substantial lead. At the end, Astralis was able to spring ever so slightly forward, securing a single round business lead by the conclusion of their CT side.


The latter 1 / 2, contrary to the prior, was skewed towards the Danes' offense, in which the team managed to make it to the conclusion line three rounds prior to the North American mix was able to. This particular victory meant that Astralis would join the rates of teams with a 1-1 record, whilst OpTic consider the next move with an regrettable 0-2 score.


A strong overall performance from Gambit, as they come their Swedish opponents away their feet on de_Overpass. Zeus and co. head out on the CT side from the map, where they effectively held bombsites and fended off the offense. A strong efficiency from Gambit, coupled with several mistakes from the Swedish part made for a half period score heavily skewed towards CIS representatives. The second one half didn't pose anything Cheap CSGO Skins magnificent in terms of a comeback, resulting in a comprehensive victory for Offrande. The team joins the top notch ranks of the 2-0 document teams, whilst GODSENT equalise with a 1-1 record.


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